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EV800 Power button fail

Problem: Eachine EV800/EV800D goggles have very cheap main buttons and switch construction.

Explanation: Too much pressure applied to the buttons, jostling or just regular use can lead to the momentary switches located beneath the buttons breaking and/or falling off inside the goggle. Can happen when the goggle is powered on, requiring you to open it and disconnect the power manually.

Solution: ‘Stuck’ / Failed Power switch in on position

  • If power switch is non functional (button ‘over’ fully depressed and not turning off!):
    • Unscrew antenna and front 4 screws on bottom of goggles
    • Carefully remove cover to expose screen, board and battery
    • Unplug battery (connects to board)

Solution: DYI Quick Fix

Broken power switch on a EV800 (Chili Chili)
  • Assess if switch is loose or broken
  • If broken, fully remove it fully from the pads / if not, can attempt to re-attach (?)
  • Can create a new temporary switch (while waiting to order a new momentary switch)
  • Can use any switch or left over male/female connectors with attached wires to create the new power switch.
  • Bring wires through existing power button hole or make a new hole
  • Solder a wire each to the two small pads on the board where the switch was
  • As it is replacing a momentary switch, your switch or connectors need to connect on and off to power it
  • This method allows for the googles to be charged normally
  • Looks bad but it does work as a quick fix
My temporary EV800 fix for a broken off power switch

FrSky X-Lite Mode 2 Throttle Headaches

Problem: Long screw given to switch to Mode 2 throttle for FrSky X-Lite is finicky or does not work (strips, doesn’t connect, etc). X-Lite is stuck in Mode 1 with throttle returning to midpoint with spring still engaged.

Explanation: The FrSky X-Lite can be converted from Mode 1 to Mode 2 ‘easily’ by inserting the given longer screw into the back of the transmitter. The screw fits down inside directly on to a small metal rail/plate that releases the spring tension. However, there is no insert to guide the screw. It can be frustrating to find the right position for the screw (if you are not familiar with the design) and it can easily be screwed in off-center, improperly or too much and cause it to fail temporarily or permanently. Additionally, through use the screw can come off of the plate returning it to Mode 1 on it’s own.


I had a lot of trouble with the screw and ended up having to open up the X-lite to try to convert it to Mode 2 without using the screw. It was a relief to find out that it was not hard at all (was a bit nervous as the thing was brand new) ! I followed the video down below:

  • Remove caps and batteries
  • Used a guitar pick and a small flat head screw driver to carefully pry open the clips from the battery ‘grips’ and around to the top as shown in the video.
  • Used fine tweezers to gently remove the spring
  • Put controller back together!

I recommend removing the spring regardless for this model of the X-lite (v2) as the current options seem prone to failure. Hopefully in subsequent models they will provide a more robust way to convert to Mode 2.