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EV800 Power button fail

Problem: Eachine EV800/EV800D goggles have very cheap main buttons and switch construction.

Explanation: Too much pressure applied to the buttons, jostling or just regular use can lead to the momentary switches located beneath the buttons breaking and/or falling off inside the goggle. Can happen when the goggle is powered on, requiring you to open it and disconnect the power manually.

Solution: ‘Stuck’ / Failed Power switch in on position

  • If power switch is non functional (button ‘over’ fully depressed and not turning off!):
    • Unscrew antenna and front 4 screws on bottom of goggles
    • Carefully remove cover to expose screen, board and battery
    • Unplug battery (connects to board)

Solution: DYI Quick Fix

Broken power switch on a EV800 (Chili Chili)
  • Assess if switch is loose or broken
  • If broken, fully remove it fully from the pads / if not, can attempt to re-attach (?)
  • Can create a new temporary switch (while waiting to order a new momentary switch)
  • Can use any switch or left over male/female connectors with attached wires to create the new power switch.
  • Bring wires through existing power button hole or make a new hole
  • Solder a wire each to the two small pads on the board where the switch was
  • As it is replacing a momentary switch, your switch or connectors need to connect on and off to power it
  • This method allows for the googles to be charged normally
  • Looks bad but it does work as a quick fix
My temporary EV800 fix for a broken off power switch