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R-XSR no receiver output in Betaflight

Problem: Have telemetry but Betaflight shows no stick input in receiver tab.

Details: Put a quad back together but no stick input in Betaflight receiver tab. 

- Verified SBUS connection
- Flashed TX with new firmware
- Flashed to latest stable Betaflight
- Tried second, new R-XSR
- Flashed R-XSR to fport
- Still no input!!

fc:  Bardwell F4 (CLRACING4 Target)
Bf:  Betaflight 4.1.2
rx:  Frsky R-XSR
tx:  Frsky QX7

Solution: Verify your R-XSR has a blue light in addition to the green bound light. If you hold the R-XSR bind button for too long it will switch from SBUS to CPPM mode !

If there is no blue light, long hold the bind button and release and the blue light should appear. This means it is in SBUS mode.

Hopefully blogging this will prevent me from wasting several hours again !

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