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New stuff on new build

A week and a half ago had a bad day with the chameleon – shredded a balance plug and ripped off an esc signal wire which later led to a blown esc after resoldering it and flying..

Needless to say, I ordered a new set of Spedix escs (was using older Spedix 35A multishot escs given to me by my dad). In the meantime I managed to lift off a signal pad removing the old escs.

So my RIP my first FC – JBardwell F4 v2 AIO.

I ordered a new FC from Rotorgeeks in Toronto – the Matek F722-SE. With our dollar being so weak, it was almost the same cost of replacing my JBv2 for a better board.

Fast forward a week, all of this stuff has arrived, including my FatShark Scouts that I purchased on preorder from from RDQ.

After two days of nervously considering how to rebuild, I spent all night getting my chameleon back together.

I’m not pleased with the lipo wires – I need to either put an xt60 right on the board or use a shorter/longer wire to get it lined up with the battery better. Will need more investigation before I risk unsoldering and making a less than optimal solution a real problem.

All I need now are new motors (low kv or high kv?) and more batteries (4s, 5s or 6s ?) but will have to wait til my August budget.

Stay tuned for some troubleshooting posts setting up all of the new stuff!

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