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Betaflight RSSI flashing zero in OSD (Part Two – The Real Solution)

Problem: RSSI flashing 0 (incorrect) in goggles using Betaflight OSD.


fc:  Matek F722-SE  
Bf:  Betaflight 4.0.4
rx:  Frsky R-XSR
tx:  Frsky x-lite
vtx: RDQ Mach 1 
vrx: FatShark Scout

Out of the box, I was having the same issue on my new Matek F722-SE as I had on the JB flight controller with the RSSI value flashing zero in the OSD. After some fiddling, turns out that the solution is to send the RSSI data from your transmitter back to the FC and out via the Beta Flight OSD.

Solution: Create a new input on transmitter mapped to RSSI signal, create mix and configure flight controller in Betaflight to use this new AUX input as your RSSI channel.

  • Use OpenTX Companion OR use Radio
  • Edit Model
  • Create a new input (named whatever you want)
  • Map input to RSSI from telemetry
  • Change scale to 100
  • Change weight to 100
In OpenTX Companion
In OpenTX on Frsky X-lite (Note: the 100.0 which is the RSSI strength from telemetry)
  • Select a free channel and create a new mix
  • Map mix to input created above
  • Change weight to +200% and Offset to -100%
In Companion
Again on the transmitter
  • Connect quad to PC
  • Open Betaflight
  • Go to Receiver menu
  • Check your list of inputs and find the RSSI input
    • RTEA are CH 1-4
    • CH5 is AUX1, CH6 is AUX2, CH7 is AUX3 and so on
    • In my case I put RSSI on CH10 which is AUX 6
  • Change RSSI Channel drop down to the AUX channel of your RSSI input
  • Save and reboot
AUX 6 (CH10) is the input transmitting the RSSI signal from my radio

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